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The Power of Words

Over the years I've come to understand the power which can be hidden in words. Simply letting people know how amazing you think they are, could change their world. Whether you think they need to hear your words of encouragement or not, you can effect someone a lot by just telling them how great you think they are.

In grade 10 of high-school our teacher had us make post cards, throw them into a pile and then from that pile choose one at random. You had to write to the person, saying whatever you want and then we mailed them. The kind words that were written on my card have stuck with me to this day. Whenever I need a pick me up I look at this card that was written by a stranger and it warms my heart every time. To hear such kind words from someone whom you have only spoken to in passing is an incredible feeling. To truly know the effect you have on people is a wonderful thing. So as drawn out as that introduction was I would like to take this post to recognize someone who I think deserves the world. Someone did it for me, so here I am doing it for someone who may not need it but definitely deserves it.

The past two years I've been able to meet some incredible people, by now you know that. So instead of writing this post about myself because by now I'm sure you've heard more than enough. Many struggle with the idea of knowing their own worth. So I'd like to speak about someone in particular who I think is more than incredible to say the least. I'm not discrediting the way this person may carry themselves or how they live day to day, to put it simply I just want them to know that I'm rooting for them. If I could choose one person to get everything they deserve in life then I would choose no one but them. Sometimes its hard for them to see the incredible person that they are, so even though they didn't ask I'm here to tell them, I think you're amazing.

In even just meeting this person they were able to impact my life for the better, I learned what its like to be fearless but frightened all at the same time. You showed me what fight looks like, the power that exists in your heart in unimaginable. You inspire me to put it as short as possible. I look at you and I see so much potential, it flows through you. You're radiating and also crazy I won't fail to mention that, I can't put it all into words without going on and on. But people are drawn to your positivity and your aura, even just seeing your effect on others is spectacular.

I write these things for this person, and hopefully they know who they are. Not because I see them withering away and giving up, but I want them to know the impact that they have on others. As this year came to an end I saw in this person fade, not entirely, their light is a hard one to extinguish. However, they faded. When looking back at what you have done its hard to see the good, I say once again, we are our own worst critics. I want you to know that I see your success and the effort you put into everything. It may feel like you are making no progress but there is strength and drive deep inside of you, and you will do nothing but flourish in anything you work hard at. I have seen you work and you care more than anyone I know you are worth something, even though it doesn't feel like that all the time. I know that I'm singling this person out but I want them to know its all from the respect, I'll say it again you inspire me.

All I have to say is keep fighting because if anyone can do it, its you.

I decided to keep this anonymous because I don't want to put someone on blast, or make others think I appreciate them any less than one another. If you find yourself in this post consider its written for you, no one should discourage you and everyone deserves to feel appreciated. This is for everyone who feels as though they want to give up, I'm telling you not to. There is no doubt in my mind you may have this effect on someone in your life today or even the people around you.

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